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15th-May-2013 01:56 am - OOC Contact Post

OOC comments and constructive criticism are welcome here!

*Please keep in mind that this is a roleplay journal for the__digiverse , a roleplay that disregards the original 02 ending and that players are mostly allowed to play their characters by their own, collectively approved, opinion. 
2nd-Feb-2012 12:56 am(no subject)
Okay... so the past week or so. I went back to work, got off with a warning about 'hitting customers unprovoked'. Unprovoked my ass! He was feeling me up! Still got a job, so all is good. I took the weekend off so I could hang with Iori. It's been a while. Had some fun with the college kids. Y'know, Harvard kids don't sound that smart when they're drunk. Anyways, I admit, I got smashed, but I really didn't give a damn. Flirted some, had some fun, and then this one guy, think his name was Jack or something, asks me to come back to the dorms with him.

Well that didn't go far. Got pissed off at Iori, I mean why does it really matter if I go with some other guy? I can take care of myself. Not gonna go on about all that.

Sunday I had lunch with Mimi, caught up, and then back to work, and back to my creeper. He's still there every night and he's getting braver. Fuck, gotta figure out something to do bout that.
22nd-Jan-2012 07:05 pm - FML
Well, this thing, long time no see.

It's been one of those days all week. Kids aren't listening, think they know everything, and day in and day out gotta deal with the troublemakers. Well there's one particularly bad one this year. Damn, this kid is terrible, constantly ignoring me, flirting with the girls, you think he'd listen to me for one second, I am the teacher, but nope, not at all. None of the teachers exceptionally like him, he's one of those kids. And then of course there's the team, great as always, no little brats there.

But the bar... that's another thing. When I say you've had your last drink that means you've had your last drink. That doesn't mean try to suck up. It's always like that, even more so since the boss told me to start throwing a certain guy out after a point. I tried, got hit, next day he's back, starts a fight, I get in the middle of it. It's my job and of course I end up on the losing end. This guy needs to learn to leave. Last night was the last straw. No, I didn't get hit again. He reaches out and starts stroking my ass. Depending on the person I wouldn't have a problem, but he's old, smelly, and really drunk. He pulled me into his lap and whispered crap about taking me home and then he reached down.

He didn't get much further than a grope, but now I need to see the boss at my next shift. Apparently hitting drunkards isn't allowed if you're not the bouncer, even if they're trying to grope you. Maybe he'll just let it slide, because he was the one that told me to kick the guy out.
23rd-Aug-2010 10:53 am - Weekend
Okay, so this weekend was great. Saturday I hung out with Koushiro (it's been suсh a long time) and as usual half the things went over my head but it was still great fun. We went to see a movie, whiсh right now I сan't for the life of me remember the name of. It was сool though and I realized I really have missed just hanging out (with no alсohol involved).

Work's been a bear though, at the bar. It's a problem when the drunkards сan reсognize you (even though they're сompletely smashed). Proof that I work way too muсh but I really need the money. Maybe I won't need as muсh now that Koushiro's moved baсk in.

Speaking of that I still take runs every morning with Iori. Those have been good. I kinda want sсhool to start again, still have praсtiсe but the salary from teaсhing will make everything easier.
7th-Aug-2010 11:43 am - [Private] Roomate
Okay, it's been a while but what has happened sinсe? I was missing Iori, he's a friend, even though it's weird that we get along so well. Running in the morning has been lonely. As for good news, Koushiro is baсk. I don't know how to feel about this. I really missed him but he was gone for so long. I didn't even really know anything about where he went. It's niсe to have the сompany but weird at the same time. I got so used to living alone.

Not to say I'm not glad he's baсk. Not at all, it's great to have him baсk. Really, it is, I missed him, but after you go so long alone the сonstant сompany feels kinda weird.
6th-Jul-2010 10:19 pm - KO Round: Day 7
And the Semi-finals are underway! Uruguay lost to Netherlands 2:3. Wonder who will be going against the Dutchmen on Sunday, Spain or Germany? I hope it's Germany personally. Either way it's gonna be a European show off.

Anyone taking bets? That's bets not beds Iori

Anyways the school year is slowly winding down and I decided to finally start writing the exam for PE and I am not leaving the answer sheet out this time since last time I did that someone stole it.
5th-Jul-2010 09:22 am - Something Up? (Closed - Iori)
Hey, I waited for you and you didn't show. Something up Iori?
3rd-Jul-2010 05:06 pm - KO Round: Day 6
Getting tired of these yet? Well it's not over yet! We still have four more games! I need to find myself a guy that actually understands the greatness of football

Argentina got crushed, and I mean crushed! First goal was by Mueller, three minutes in! I mean, talk about humiliating. They were destroyed and they didn't play hard enough to keep up with the power houses. Go Germany!

And Paraguay vs Spain was great too. 0-0 until 83 minutes and Villa scores a goal! By that time we all know that game is so over (unless you're Germany). Second half was nothing but penalty after penalty but great nonetheless. Nothing like that crap Brazil pulled yesterday though.

And the next matches will be on the 6th and 7th. Uruguay vs Netherlands and Germany vs Spain.

Final scores were Germany vs Argentine 4:0 and Paraguay vs Spain 0:1.
2nd-Jul-2010 10:30 pm - KO Round: Day 5
WTF Brazil? Okay so I didn't really want them to win but that was crappy goalkeeping and crappy defense. And then they're losing, so what does Melo do? He starts kicking the shit out of a Dutch player. I mean, come on! Some great players those are. Just because they were losing?

He got a red card and damn good thing too. And they were questioning the ref before the game because he was Japanese and supposedly we're 'football allies' with Brazil. C'mon! You're preaching about stopping racism before the game right after that piece of shit?

Anyways Brazil was nasty and damn good thing they lost. Final score was Netherlands vs Brazil 2:1 and Uruguay vs Ghana 1:1, Uruguay won in a penalty shootout.

Tomorrow is Argentina vs Germany and Paraguay vs Spain.
29th-Jun-2010 04:43 pm - KO Round: Day 4
Man, talk about nail biting! 0:0 the entire match but then Paraguay beat Japan in a shoot out. I'm so depressed. We were so close to the top eight! *sigh* Well at least we got into the top sixteen. The final result is Paraguay (boo!) will be playing Spain who beat Portugal 1:0.

Now I am going to go out and drown my sorrows. You coming with Mike?

And in case anyone missed it the eight teams going forward are: Uruguay, Ghana, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Paraguay, and Spain.
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